Growing Technology Degrees

Debating over what you want to go to school for? We compiled a list of five of the top growingtechnology degrees.

Wildcard is proud to be part of such an ever changing and growing career cluster within our community and across the world. Technology is one of the industry leading career path that is never going away. 

Here at Wildcard we provide several opportunities of community involvement and training for the future generation through our Internship Program, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Foundation scholarships, and Mid-State Technical College Business Advisory Council. 

Top Picks in the Technology Field

So it’s come time for you to pick a career path and select the degree of your choice at the school of your dreams… No pressure right? With thousands of combinations of degrees and schools possible, how do you know the field of study you’re going into is relevant for today’s business world? We have compiled a list of top five growing technology degrees to help narrow your choice to a path for success and even get an opportunity to work in your community for a company like Wildcard.

1. Computer Programming 

Computer programming is a unique career path as it not only combines computer science, but graphic design, video game development, and many other venues depending on a specific job. Writing code to create software is a tasking job that requires a complex understanding of computer language. Without these computer programmers, we would not have any programs or software to use in our work and personal lives. The ever growing change and demand in technology makes computer programming a great career path to look into. 

2. Cybersecurity

Have you ever really appreciated the fact that you can securely communicate with people halfway across the world? Getting a cybersecurity degree will help people continue to safely do just that for years to come. Working in the cybersecurity field you will get to build programs and defense systems to stop attackers in their tracks. Wildcard works heavily in cybersecurity and provides services like security assessments, penetration testing, threat modeling, and much more! 

3. Computer Science 

How many times has your school or company’s IT Support Specialist saved the day for you? Those superheroes who saved your computer probably received a degree in computer science. Computer science can span across many fields which makes it a great option to keep many doors of opportunity open for someone who loves technology! 

4. Web Designer 

At the front-end of every visual appealing and creative website is a good web designer. Web Design is a division of graphic design which focuses on the layout and overall themes of design within a website. Visual content is everything in today’s faced paced digital consumption environment. Trends are constantly changing and web designers are a vital component to gaining traffic and leading to conversions. From mobile layout to desktop, a degree in web design will be sure to get others to enjoy what you create from your career.

5. Web Developer

When you become a web developer you get to work the behind the scenes magic that allows websites to become easy to use and interactive. Web developers are in high demand since the need for modern and professional grade performing websites and mobile applications for businesses, individuals, and other organizations is constantly growing. From coding diverse platforms and frameworks to working closely with web designers, system developers, and many others there is always something to be working on. Web developers are team players that keep the online world running - and smoothly at that. If you or someone you know has the degree and training for a web developer position, consider joining our team at Wildcard for a fast-paced and creative work environment! 


All of these degrees are available at hundreds of technical colleges as well as universities, many with flexible programs. There is opportunity to get a degree fully online, a trend that is seemingly increasing in conjunction with the coronavirus pandemic. Get into a career path that is a tactical (and technical) choice for your future.



Written by Erin Harger - September 2020