Powerful and Secure Content Management

CastleCMS can power your website, intranet, and web app. Built on top of Plone, the dependable open source content management system (CMS), CastleCMS will provide you with a unique combination of world-class content management features and maximum security. It is the result of our team's years of experience leading Plone development and security.


  • Flexibility of creating media rich websites, portals, and intranets
  • No limits and no licensing fees

Your Design:

  • Dynamic layout engine allows you to easily create and apply your own page layouts
  • Easy theming to seamlessly match your corporate brand

Search & View Documents:

  • Auto-tune search results using Google Analytics data
  • Built-in document viewer for OCR, Office documents, PDF files, spreadsheets, and more

Your Online Presence:

  • Two-way social media integration allows you to share on multiple platforms
  • Built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will maximize your organic search results

Quality Content:

  • Content quality assurance uses a spell-check feature with accessibility compliance
  • Rich content editing and embedding of text format, images, and videos


  • Built-in two-factor authentication that protects you from stolen password exploits
  • Personally identifiable information (PII) and metadata are automatically stripped from uploaded Office documents, PDFs, and other file types