Wildcard Launches New Website Software

Announcing Wildcard's new content management software, CastleCMS, purpose-built for organizations and government.

By: Erich Maas

Proposal Coordinator

April 9, 2018 

Wildcard Corp. is excited to announce the launch of CastleCMS, a new website software package. We've already put it to the test powering a major US federal government website, and it has shown itself to be a runaway success. CastleCMS has been more than a year in the making, and almost everyone at Wildcard was involved in making it a reality.

What is CastleCMS?

CastleCMS is an extremely powerful and extraordinarily secure content management system. It’s designed to make it as easy as possible for organizations to create, manage, and host large amounts and different types of information on their websites. It's a complete content management experience unlike anything else. More features are included out of the box than with any of its competitors. It does everything you need, with fewer plugins, fewer add-ons, and fewer widgets. It's a natural progression of modern technologies: responsive design, content delivery networks and web application firewalls with CloudFlare, and advanced security features unmatched by any other CMS. Read about some of its features on the CastleCMS website, and take a look at this blog post by Wildcard’s Nathan Van Gheem,  the chief developer on the project.

Castle CMS

Where did it come from?

Team members at Wildcard have been contributing to another website software package for several years now: the Plone content management system. Plone is open source software, meaning that the code behind it is publicly available so not only can anyone use it for free, anyone (qualified) can contribute changes and improvements to it. Some of us have been contributing to Plone since before Wildcard was formed nearly 9 years ago. Plone is the foundation for CastleCMS.

Wildcard's clients have always included large government organizations, and Plone has been a fantastic starting point for our integrated web centric, or portal, solutions. Over the years, we took note that a lot of organizations needed many of the same features—features that weren’t included in the standard installation of Plone. Rather than install the same add-ons or add the same system integrations over and over again, we thought, why not just make all these features part of the standard installation?

This became the guiding idea behind CastleCMS. We asked our customers what else they would like to see. We compiled a list of the features that were most commonly requested. And then we went to work integrating those features and thinking hard how best to make them work together, and along the way we made decisions about the user experience that simplify the way you create and manage large amounts of information. CastleCMS is the embodiment of decisions we made to deliver the best experience for our customers.

Castle Cloud, our highest service tier, includes not only Castle CMS but also managed cloud hosting, a list of security features a page long, and our enterprise level of support, 24x7. Castle Cloud is our full-service web solution, where we handle everything from A to Z.

Book a demo

We understand: you want to see it for yourself. To actually get in and see what CastleCMS can do, book a demo with us. We would be delighted to take you on a guided tour of the future of web content management. For all your web development needs, look no further than Wildcard Corp.

Castle CMS Features