Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory

Wildcard Corp.'s top priority is keeping information secure.

The National Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory (RCFL) Program is a gateway to the premier digital forensics laboratory network in the United States. 

Each of the 15 RCFLs are one-stop, full-service forensics laboratories and training centers devoted entirely to the examination of digital evidence in support of criminal investigations such as terrorism, child pornography, crimes of violence, trade secret theft, theft or destruction to intellectual property, financial crime, property crime, Internet crimes, and fraud.

The Challenge

Each RCFL service area had its own website and theme, which lead to management issues. The technology was dated and updating, organizing, and sharing information between service areas was a cumbersome and time consuming process.

The sites needed to be consolidated into one platform with: 

  • Top-notch site and digital asset security
  • Built in document and process management tools
  • A standard look and feel
  • Responsive mobile design

                                   RCFL Chicago

The Solution

Plone's industrial strength security and built-in workflow.

The National RCFL Program website takes advantage of Plone's technologically advanced Python back end, which easily adapts for server redundancy and advanced data protection.

 The site is deployed with replication and delivered to the public with a read-only database.

Additionally, the site is behind a content delivery network (CDN) with advanced security precautions.

Each RCFL service area has its own news, training, and document areas.

                                  RCFL Chicago Docs