Enhancing Security Utilizing Offensive and Defensive Methodologies

Wildcard Security Assessments

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Internal/External Network Penetration Test

Wildcard engineers conduct penetration tests from external and internal networks. Attacks simulate real-world network attacks launched by an adversary. The tests validate the efficiency and effectiveness of your current defensive mechanisms and identify any vulnerabilities or inadequacies.

Wireless Assessment

Wildcard wireless assessments test the security controls associated with your wireless network. We examine resiliency of access points, the integrity of signals, authentication mechanisms,      and encryption protocols to determine the strength of your wireless security posture.

Web Application Assessment

Our web application assessments utilize the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) framework to determine the security stance of a web application. When we conduct black box assessments of web applications, we test the controls around unauthenticated and authenticated sessions to exploit the application.

Code Review

Wildcard can conduct a security review of your application code as a one-time project, or as continuous integration into your Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). A code review is the most effective way to detect software issues that could be exploited by an attacker. Our process determines the risk created by application flaws.

Phishing Assessment

The end user is often the weakest link in an organization’s information security and is commonly the initial attack vector. Our phishing campaign will test your users, the effectiveness of your security training program, and any anti-phishing technologies you have in place. Learn more about Phishing here.

Security Assessment Methodology

The Wildcard security assessment team provides penetration testing services, sharing insight on how an attacker would use a sophisticated chain of techniques to exploit your information system. We simulate real-world techniques to breach your systems and processes to put you in a better position to detect and defend against a malicious actor.

We approach each assessment as a partnership with our customer. We not only discover any flaws, but we will continue to work with you as advisors to remediate issues which will minimize your attack surface. You will leave each assessment with knowledge of how you could be attacked, the extent of the impact, and what it would take to remediate the vulnerability.

Wildcard security assessments are more than a vulnerability scan, which is great at detecting well-known issues. Our experienced engineers provide context that no automated tool could. By digging deeper, we often discover vulnerabilities, which a simple scan would label as low-level problems, that can actually expose your entire infrastructure to compromise.

Our penetration testing methodology is efficient and repeatable, founded on the Penetration Testing Execution Standard and the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual. We provide our customers with the maximum value by appropriately scoping the project and making certain we meet your expectations.

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