An intuitive, cloud-based, mobile-friendly survey tool.

GovSurvey is an intuitive, cloud-based, mobile-friendly survey tool developed for government agencies, municipalities and businesses.

GovSurvey offers fully customizable survey questions, as well as randomization and optional/required questions. Reporting and statistics are available online and through automated email. 

Securing your information is critical, which is why GovSurvey is fully equipped with two-factor authentication, recaptcha, and Json Web Tokens (JWT) for a secure communication transfer.  In addition, a unique URL will generate per each respondent to prevent survey sharing or falsified responses.


GovSurvey Features

Customizable Questions

Generate specific questions that will provide the results you need to conduct research:

  • Rating scale 
  • Checkboxes, dropdown, and multiple answers checkboxes
  • True/False and Yes/No options
  • Comments box


Real-time Reporting and Statistics

Automating your real-time reports will add convenience by eliminating manual report generation that you can compare over time:

  • Custom/filter and automated email reports
  • In-Dashboard analytic report comparisons and visualized trends
  • View and download online reports in Excel, CSV, or PDF
  • General Statistics Summary 
    • Period of time data was collected
    • Number of respondents for that period
    • Raw score for each element
    • Overall total score for comparing month-to-month
  • Through-the-web dynamic reports and graphs: 
    • Qualitative
      • Open-ended Section
    • Quantitative
      • Model Question Scores (average score)
      • Trend Elements
      • Trend Satisfaction
      • Trend-N (number of survey responses)
      • Acquisition Source
      • Demographics
      • CPP Responses
  • Full-text indexing of text-based responses


  • Set user roles and permissions
  • Manage multiple accounts and invite users via email
  • Set survey start/end dates and times
  • Pre-set number of survey responses
  • Schedule survey publishing
  • Clone existing surveys and create survey templates


  • Create multiple surveys under each user account
  • Customizable survey header, footer, and survey title
  • Create reporting layout and content
  • Configurable survey creation page
  • Survey completion message
  • Configurable Return to URL/Button upon survey completion

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