Company Culture

We support a creative, relaxed work environment that encourages fun and spontaneity as well as flexibility and open-mindedness.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Here at Wildcard Corp. we promote a workplace culture in which all members of our team are respected and valued. Part of what we pride ourselves on is our ability to work collaboratively as a team of experts at all rungs of the corporate ladder. From our Chief Executive Officer to the newest intern, we recognize that every Wildcard employee is a valuable member of the team and has something to contribute. We value diversity and celebrate how our differences make us a stronger team. To create an effective and creative work environment it’s important to have “respect” as one of our core values.  Without respect there can be no honesty or open discussion. We believe free discussion, idea sharing, and listening to each person’s unique perspective are great ways to help grow our collective culture. Promoting an atmosphere of respect and support for all team members serves the overall good of the company while also being in the best interest of all.

We believe respect is also important in building good relationships. In the course of our daily activities it is important to always consider how our actions and words can affect others. This policy does not just apply to the office, but everywhere we meet or gather as a company.  It also encompasses all forms and mediums of communication. In the digital era we now live in, anything you say or do online has the potential to go viral. We encourage a culture of kindness, encouragement, and a “we’re all in this together” collaborative spirit.

Collaboration is the key to innovation so, as a technology company, being able to brainstorm and work together is an important key to our success. 

Investing in Employees


Wildcard’s office environment is unique and provides many benefits. Not only can you flex your schedule and work hours as needed, but we don't require our salaried staff to punch a clock. We firmly believe in giving our staff the freedom and flexibility they need to take care of their personal lives. Our only requirement is that you get your work done. Flextime scheduling is an optional and self-regulated benefit dependent on an honor system and continual communication with your supervisor to ensure fairness and equal distribution.

Advancing Careers

Education/Training (Attending Seminars/Training Sessions)
From time to time, Wildcard Corp. may arrange to have both formal and informal training programs to enable employees to progress in employee's technical knowledge of our business and develop professional contacts for the company. Wildcard believes in investing in its employees by providing resources to help them keep up with current knowledge and trends. We understand the importance of giving our employees the opportunity to progress as by becoming more knowledgeable about their job and the jobs of the people around them.  If employees become aware of a particular seminar or training session that they believe is appropriate for enhancing their skills (and/or those of other employees), they are encouraged to promote it.

Building Community

Since collaboration and teamwork are key components of our company culture, Wildcard Corp. sponsors at least one annual company get-together for employees and their families to relax and unwind. We also host multiple events throughout the year in which all employees are encouraged to attend for brainstorming sessions regarding all relative projects.


Krausening, a traditional company brainstorming session, is a fun way for Wildcard employees to bond and collaborate. Krausening developed as a way to bring everyone together for a day to work in the same room and collectively brainstorm on current projects. 

Krausening is a German brewing term used to describe the final fermentation stage of brewing beer. The “Krausen” is the foamy head that develops on top of fermenting beer and can tell the Brewer what stage of fermentation the beer is at and when it is complete. The life cycle of the krausen acts as a visual gauge of the fermentation process, which is the most critical stage in brewing.

For us, Krausening is a collaborative gathering for programming, brainstorming, having fun, and drinking beer (responsibly). Ideas are malted, brewed, and ferment across the span of this collaborative work day. Such days have resulted in a significant amount of completed work and project advancement. Such events allow our company culture to really shine through and for our employees to really grow as a team.

You can read more about this tradition and how it all got started here.

At Wildcard we try to maintain a tight knit company culture and Krausening is a good example of just one of the ways we encourage collaboration. As our company grows, so will our traditions!

Wildcard staff celebrate May 4th 2019 by wearing Star Wars themed apparel to work.

Our staff celebrating May the 4th by wearing Star Wars themed apparel -- May the fourth be with you!