Wildcard Partners with 1GPA

Wildcard Corp. is proud to announce our new vendor partnership with 1GPA!

1Government Procurement Alliance

This partnership will allow all 1GPA members nation-wide access to our contract to provide public entities with cybersecurity products and services provided by Wildcard’s cybersecurity industry professionals.

What is 1GPA?

Wildcard has chosen to partner with 1GPA or 1Government Procurement Alliance.  1GPA is a national non-profit governmental purchasing cooperative to provide procurement deals to public entities to utilize the existing contracts to purchase goods and services across the nation. This organization allows members with no cost or fees for the best priced contracts available from industry leaders, like Wildcard Corp.

What does Wildcard becoming a 1GPA vendor mean?

Wildcard Corp.’s partnership with 1GPA was established to serve public entity members to receive top-tier cybersecurity services to meet their budget goals. As a 1GPA vendor, the benefits of Wildcard’s Cybersecurity Products and Services Contract will deliver to exceed member goals. The top three reasons to choose Wildcard 1GPA contract? Savings, regulations, and optimal services. 

When it comes to public entities - budgets can be tight. Wildcard’s 1GPA contract offers some of the best savings across the nation for cybersecurity products and services. These savings are the lowest administrative fees in the nation. Pair that with our industry standard compliance and proprietary software, Wildcard will be the key player in keeping your organization protected. 

Wildcard’s vendor partnership with 1GPA has never made contracting easier. As a procurement deal, the strategies of negotiation and services are selected with your organization in mind. By utilizing our Cybersecurity Products and Services contract, this assures compliance with state statutes, laws and regulations across the nation. 

By utilizing 1GPA as your purchasing cooperative, optimal services from an industry leading vendor such as Wildcard are guaranteed. Our cybersecurity personnel at Wildcard are ready to create lasting relationships with your organization to keep your information systems defended at all times. 1GPA also has a strong pledge to customer service and satisfaction to help public entities benefit from pooled procurement. 

How can your organization become a 1GPA member? 

All current and future public entities can utilize the services of 1GPA to get connected to our Cybersecurity Products and Services contract. 1GPA is a free procurement service that will streamline the process of contracting to save time and ease the stress of tight budgets. 

How can your organization access Wildcard’s 1GPA cybersecurity contract? Any school districts, charter schools, universities, colleges, cities, towns, municipalities, counties, states, local governments, federal government, Native American communities, fire districts, and any other political subdivision are eligible for 1GPA membership. 

Do you currently utilize Wildcard for cybersecurity services and fit the eligibility to become a 1GPA member? Contact a 1GPA Representative to get signed up today.

Wildcard Partnership Promise

Wildcard is honored to join many other industry leading vendors to serve schools, cities, and many other organizations across the United States. Our partnership with 1GPA will continue our mission to reach those in our communities to promote proper cybersecurity practices and data integrity.