Organic SEO Services

Organic SEO == Good Site content and good Content Management System InOrganic SEO == Paid keywords or links into site

Start with a good CMS that does SEO native like CastleCMS.

Keyword Index Data locations

Use the following locations to see how each Search Engine indexes keywords.  Do not pay for keywords that exist on those reports. Those reports are indicating Organic results.

To access Google Analytics and Webmaster tools first create a Google Account: 

SEO Basics

  • When you pay for ‘SEO’ services you are buying paid keywords, or paid links.
    • Keywords targeted are many times wasted money, as they account for things already in the content on the site. Target Keywords that are in the details.
  • PPC (pay per click)  != SEO. They are paid advertising.  If you stop paying, all your site promotion will go away and if you continue to pay, your costs will only increase.
    • Inorganic SEO sales people do not have the full picture.  The Full picture requires Content Access, Webmaster Tools Access (Google & Bing), Analytics access (Google, Clicky etc..)
  • If you are going to spend money on inorganic SEO you should invest in a good Web ecosystem instead of piecemealing it with paid promotion. It all starts with a good CMS.
    • Firms spending $500-2000$+ a month easily on ‘SEO’ or PPC.  You can avoid these excessive costs with our base level managed web package based on a leading SEO CMS such as CastleCMS, and write good contextual content (not outsourced content).
  • Learn Organic SEO tactics & Build good content from the ground up in a good CMS.
    • Lasting SEO is obtained organically, which means it's not something you can just buy. It has to be built into the structure of your site’s code and content using a good CMS.
    • Rank better in search results through GOOD content. I.e. metadata. H1, Descriptions, OG (open graph) data, tagged pictures.
    • Be a Content Source, provide original content that has value instead of just linking to good content.
  • Construct quality URLs.
    • Bad URL: /1/4/4/345345-2345324-4345
    • Good URL:  /oil/infused/garlic-olive-oil
  • Landing Page domains published by your yellow page vendor, kills your Website SEO, as does their tracking phone numbers and email addresses as they both redirect your visitors.

Come to a full service web marketing, web application, development and managed service provider like Wildcard Corp. We design, code, register, host, secure and protect websites, can purchase PPC and keyword plans and work closely with you to help achieve your goals for holistic online digital presence

Deploy a good CMS like CastleCMS Cloud for sites. It has content checks, accessibility checks, responsive design, good URLs, keywords tagging social media/open graph meta data and many other features to increase SEO organically.


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Claim your own business listing at the top locations of redistributed ‘listings’ :


Services that do it for you

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