How To Stay Current in Technology

You've surely heard that staying in-the-know is important, but how exactly do you do that?

With technology evolving rapidly, it can be difficult and overwhelming to stay current in technology. I’m sure you already know why it’s important to keep current. This will help with how to keep current. A few simple activities can keep you informed on what’s happening in the tech world.  Here are four tips to stay on top of it.

Social Media

Subscribe to technology social media groups like LinkedIn, Facebook groups, and Twitter groups.  I follow a few of my favorite companies to have the latest information on my news feed. They typically post information on upcoming products and future innovation. This is how I keep informed about augmented reality and virtual reality. For example, I learned that future VR headsets will have eye tracking inside of the device.

Window Shopping

Explore tech stores to play with new products. Visit your local Apple store, Best Buy, or Frys. These stores will typically have the latest in tech on display. I’ve learned about new home automation tech by browsing Best Buy. Additionally, the staff may have information on what will be released soon.  Also, this is a great opportunity to feel the product in your hand before you purchase it. Typically these stores will price match major online retailers as well.


Watching tech-based YouTube channels that review the latest products or provide tips is a great way to stay informed. Some of our staff recommendations are MKBHD (Marques Brownlee) and Linus Tech Tips. My personal favorite is Linus because he does both reviews and tech tips. But you can find other YouTube channels that focus on the latest gadgets or your area of interest.


Going to or keeping up with technology conventions like CES (Consumer Electronic Show), an annual trade show held each January in Las Vegas since 1967, Siggraph, a conference about Computer Graphics and more that occurs each summer, or GDC (Game Developers Conference). Just take a look online for ones that are local to you.


As we start to see impressive tech being implemented in all businesses, staying current with today’s technology and future innovations is important. It is up to us as consumers, employees, and employers to know what’s available. All of the options we provided can be customized to your preference and there are other ways you may find that you can use to stay on top of the latest tech.