Comparing CMS systems?

A new report is out from Idealware that highlights the ups and downs of different CMS solutions. While it focuses on non-profits many of the points are valid across multiple use cases.

There are a multitude of CMS solutions available.  Here at Wildcard, our go to CMS is Plone; however, we also work with other frameworks as the situation or customer dictates.  This new report from Idealware (of which Wildcard Corp contributed ) is a great quick reference source of the many CMS options available.  While the focus of the report is for non-profits, the overall information is equally valid for government entities as well as small and large businesses. 

Click here for the report

With regard to Idealwears analysis of Plone CMS, we believe it to be accurate, fair and balanced. Plone is a great CMS framework and the platform has many use cases that it fits within.  Of the CMS software reviewed, none of them were found to be perfect in every area and Plone does have some shortcomings.  However, where Plone was found to be weak, companies like Wildcard, Six Feet Up and Contexual are available to support your Plone deployment and fill in those gaps.

Please visit the Idealware link above and contact us for your Web Application and CMS needs.  If you are a non-profit looking for hosting, Wildcard is here to help provide free hosting to your small 501c3.