CastleCMS Feature of the Week - Automatic Video Conversion

Converting videos to the right format, effortlessly

Dealing with video content can be a pain. Videos come in dozens of formats and filetypes, and the process of converting between them leaves most people confused, and irritated.

CastleCMS helps to eliminate these headaches by automatically handling video conversion, without needing any user input. As soon as a content editor uploads a video to a CastleCMS site, the conversion process starts up in the background.

Let’s look at an example:


We’re going to upload a .AVI file, which CastleCMS won’t be able to play out-of-the-box.


After naming, tagging, and uploading, a notification will appear warning the user that the video will require conversion before it’s viewable:


If we quickly navigate to the page containing the video before the system finishes the conversion, we’ll be greeted with this:


The video player isn’t working, and the “test.avi” link above indicates that the video is still in the problematic .AVI format. However, after a few minutes, the broken video will be automatically replaced with a streamable .MP4 version:


That’s all there is to it. Now, content editors can freely incorporate videos into their work with little to no added effort. The conversion process requires no input, and runs remarkably quickly, without impacting overall site performance.

Out of the box, CastleCMS can handle the majority of common video formats (.avi, .wav, mpeg, .xvid, .mp4, etc.), and can be extended to support nearly any non-proprietary file types.

CastleCMS can also be configured to manage extremely large video workloads. For site requiring a tremendous volume of video content, CastleCMS can use its behind-the-scene tools to increase the speed and efficiency of the conversion process.

If you’d like to see the CastleCMS video conversion process in action, come book a demo with us at