New Opportunities with Wildcard

Beth shares her experience as the Multimedia Design Intern during Summer 2021.

I first started my marketing journey with an internship at a local baseball stadium. Although they had some opportunities, there just was not enough for me to gain real experience. This is when I started looking for other opportunities in the Central Wisconsin area. I went through countless interviews and had high hopes, although none of them worked out. After a month of interviews, I started using more resources from other colleges and universities throughout Wisconsin. This is when I stumbled upon an amazing opportunity to show off my skills with the internship program at Wildcard Corp.

New Opportunities

I first learned about Wildcard through an instructor at Mid-State Technical College. They encouraged me to reach out to the HR director to get the ball rolling on a possible summer internship. I later set up a meeting with Gregg, the HR director,  to talk about the possibility of working for Wildcard. After this meeting, we set up an interview with the marketing director, Kim, to further discuss what I was looking for and what opportunities they had open for me. The week after the interview, I was hired. 

I heard a lot of stories about the previous Multimedia Design Intern and how much experience she got. I was so excited to start this new journey in furthering my career path and gaining the experience I needed to get a full-time job after graduation!

Internship Duties 

Starting as the new Multimedia Design Intern at Wildcard was a rich experience filled with both creative and analytical duties. I had the opportunity to learn about animation and video editing, market research, and analytical research. Some other duties tasked to me were creating a quarterly newsletter, producing social media posts, and redesigning the navigation of the Wildcard website. I learned more about myself as a marketer and what I would like to pursue in the future. These opportunities showed me how much I love market research and data analytics, just as much as I love the creative side. With Wildcard's Multimedia Design Internship, I can confidently say that I got a great balance of both aspects.

The company culture is very welcoming and open to new ideas from anyone! Co-workers and managers alike are always happy to hear what you have to say and what suggestions you may have. Questions are always encouraged, which made me feel comfortable and confident when tasked with a project.

Wildcard not only allows interns on the business side to learn about their field of study, but they also work to get you an understanding of other areas. I found this very interesting as I got to learn about IT and cybersecurity alongside marketing. These different areas of Wildcard’s business all come together with the internship. I am constantly making new content that relates to the services offered at Wildcard. This company offers a wide variety of knowledge to anyone who wants to learn! 

Real-World Application

I am now a Junior at the University of Wisconsin Stout majoring in Digital Marketing Technology. Throughout my time in this major, I had the opportunity to learn about HTML coding, analytical research and application, and designing techniques. I am also taking classes at MSTC, learning about other areas of social media marketing management. All of these courses have taught me so much, however, they do not compare to what I have learned throughout this internship. Using theories learned in a lecture hall and applying them to real-world situations is very valuable to me. This is why I love Wildcard’s internship program. They used my knowledge from University and showed me how to use and apply that information. 

Wildcard is very flexible and I was able to schedule my own hours. Because I commute, I was given the choice to start later to allow time for the drive. This was very helpful for me considering I am not an early morning person. My manager is always willing to talk with me if I need a day off for a doctor's appointment, or a week off for a vacation. They understand that summer is supposed to be a time of rest from classes as well, and want to make sure there is a good work-life balance.

Looking for Opportunities with Wildcard

In just one summer, Wildcard helped me develop my skills, grow as a student, and gain beneficial experience. Even though I was a summer intern, I was treated with the same respect as a full-time employee. Experiencing this level of respect was very encouraging for me; I knew my work was valued during my internship.

I would recommend anyone in the technology and business fields to apply to Wildcard and gain the same valuable experience I did! 

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