Drone Services

Piloted Drone Solutions

A drone solution for any project

Our piloted drone solutions are safe and professional, using the latest advances in technology to complete jobs safer, faster, and more accurately. We decrease time and labor with inspections and surveys by quickly providing you with conclusive, economical reports.

Drone Applications

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  • Plant count
  • Plant health, soil moisture, and growth stage
  • Spectral imaging


  • Aerial viewing and documentation of entire construction site
  • Construction planning and mapping
  • Progress monitoring

Golf Courses

Arial View - Golf Course

  • Hydrology and geographical mapping
  • Water management
  • Disease detection


  • Damage assessments for insurance
  • Asset inspections including homes, buildings, land, and equipment
  • Solar energy and wind turbine inspections

arial view 2Mapping & Surveying

  • 3D feature extraction/contour generation
  • Thermographic imaging
  • Digital elevation modeling

Marketing Material

  • 360 panoramas
  • Aerial view photos
  • Video

Engineered for Agility

Our industrial drone features real-time precise positioning that can be used for any application. It has a built-in battery heating system to allow for extreme cold weather flights, as well as an IP43 IP Rating for flying in the rain.

High Resolution Photos - capturing the finest detail

Producing powerful aerial imaging through a 20 megapixel and 80 degree field of view camera to render beautiful photos for any project, and precise photos for inspections. Videos record 4K real-time.

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