Scandal: Conspiracy in the Feline Party

Feline Party conspires to take Portage County Humane Society 'Top Dog' nomination away from Canines.

For those who haven't heard, the Humane Society of Portage County holds an election every year in which local pet owners can enter their animal in to campaign for title of "Top Dog". Anyone can vote for their favorite candidate, and each vote can be cast for one dollar. The proceeds go to help the Humane Society of Portage County, so if you can spare a dollar, please cast a vote.

 The Top Dog race is warming up this year for Canine Mayor of Stevens Point, and one unlikely candidate is stepping ahead of the competition: Feline Party nominee Heathcliffy Dawg. Footage of Heathcliffy was captured by Wildcard Corp. feline surveillance technology earlier this week at an invite-only rally. It is plain to see the candidate has gathered quite the following in a very short time. 

Tigger Senner, Wildcard election correspondent and chief undercover agent

(Image Left: Tigger Senner, Wildcard election correspondent and chief undercover agent)

“It’s clear Heathcliffy is motivating his party at all levels,” says Wildcard election correspondent and chief undercover agent Tigger Senner. But more than that, it seems a clandestine organization is backing Heathcliffy in his bid for the office. Whether the support is coming from a super dog-PAC or individual cat-nip contributions has not been disclosed.Heathcliffy Dawg rally for Canine Mayor

Heathcliffy’s speech was targeted at uniting his voters while dividing the voters of the Canine Party. “We felines are smarter, kinder, and above all cleaner than our friends in the Canine Party. Our views closely align with many of their views. We must unite to appoint the first ever feline canine mayor.”

Heathcliffy made one final point very clear: “In order to win this election, we will need votes and donations to continue. We shall outspend and outmaneuver our competition! We need your help, so vote now!"

 (Image Right: Heathcliffy speaks at secret rally

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