Plone: Open Source Software, Community, and Processes

open source is not just software

April 9, 2018 

I had the pleasure of giving a talk to a Software Engineering class at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. This class is diving into the open source world, working on two projects: OpenDSA and OpenMRS.

Plone is a heavy-hitter at UW Oshkosh, where it powers over 300 campus web sites, beginning in 2004, and implemented by a very small team. 

In this talk I gave an overview of how open source works in a project as long-lived and as complex as Plone. Programming is just one aspect of a successful project, and in an open source project, the community and its processes are paramount.

Plone has been blessed with an amazing set of contributors who write code, provide documentation and training, organize events, lead teams and sprints, who motivate and communicate. What is it about Plone-the-community that has worked well? What are we continuing to refine and improve?