Heathcliffy Dawg Targeted in Canine-Sponsored Smear Campaign

The Canine Party resorts to name-calling to contain Feline candidate Heathcliffy Dawg's rising popularity for the Portage County Humane Society "Top Dog" nomination.

For those who haven't heard, the Humane Society of Portage County holds an election every year in which local pet owners can enter their animal in to campaign for title of "Top Dog". Anyone can vote for their favorite candidate, and each vote can be cast for one dollar. The proceeds go to help the Humane Society of Portage County, so if you can spare a dollar, please cast a vote.

 The "Top Dog" race is really getting into full swing this year for Canine Mayor of Stevens Point, WI. Votes have been pouring in the last few days.

Last week, we were following the story of candidate Heathcliffy Dawg’s rise to power in the Feline Party as possibly the first feline canine mayor of Stevens Point. If you missed that article, read it here.

We’re all aware of Dawg’s platform of equal opportunities for playtime for all, a bird feeder outside every window, and raising the minimum nap time. He’s even got a very persuasive outlook on foreign policy. He has certainly been shaping up to be the people’s favorite in this race. This week however, the Canine Party is retaliating against Dawg’s political revolution, putting to question his leadership experience and calling him “absolutely unfit for the job.”

The opposition has been scrambling for anything to throw in the way of Dawg’s campaign. One Canine Party representative accused Dawg of having a secret catnip dependency. When asked to provide proof of the claim, he offered no comment.

At a recent foreign policy speech, another Canine representative spoke out against Dawg, stating that “[Dawg] has been secretly visiting foreign litter boxes.” This representative also could not back up his claim, stating only that “he’s buried the evidence, but it’s there somewhere.”

Even in the wake of these false claims, Heathcliffy stands by his even handed and fair platform and will not step out of the race for Portage County Humane Society Top Dog.

Tigger SennerWildcard election correspondent and chief undercover agent Tigger Senner says, “I’ve attended all Heathcliffy’s speeches, and I’ve yet to hear the candidate stumble in the area of world events. He has established a good relationship with all of our neighbors.” It seems Heathycliffy Dawg recently re-recorded the USA for Africa best selling hit “We are the World” and is donating all proceeds to the Portage County Humane Society!

(Image Left: Wildcard election correspondent and chief undercover agent Tigger Senner).

While the full campaign is yet to unfold for Top Dog Mayor, it seems Heathcliffy Dawg is still leading in the polls.

Heathcliffy continues to make one final point very clear: “In order to win this election, we will need votes and donations to continue. We need your help, so vote now!"

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