Heathcliffy Dawg Rescues Local Mice from Fire

Portage County Humane Society "Top Dog" candidate does the right thing yet again. Survivor thanks Heathcliffy Dawg

For those who haven't heard, the Humane Society of Portage County holds an election every year in which local pet owners can enter their animal in to campaign for title of "Top Dog". Anyone can vote for their favorite candidate, and each vote can be cast for one dollar. The proceeds go to help the Humane Society of Portage County, so if you can spare a dollar, please cast a vote.

The race for Portage County Humane Society “Top Dog” is wrapping up with the last day to cast your votes June 30th, 2016 by 5pm CST. We’ve been following the race for several weeks now, monitoring one unlikely candidate’s rise to the top. Feline Party Top Dog hopeful Heathcliffy Dawg has gained tremendous traction during this campaign season toward the Top Dog nomination. And he’s survived slanderous attacks by his opponents. His most recent heroic venture just pegged him as the probable victor of the Top Dog race.

Wednesday, June 22nd, a fire broke out in a field neighboring Dawg’s campaign headquarters in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. A dozen field mice were trapped by the rapidly spreading flames. According to one witness report, “they were all squeaking desperately for help.”

Tigger SennerDawg sprang into action and pounced down six flights of stairs. “Before you knew it was happening, there was [Dawg], leaping through the flames,” says Wildcard election correspondent Tigger Senner (pictured left), who was on his way to meet Dawg for an interview when he saw the fire. “He was in there for about five minutes. We all thought he wasn’t coming out of there, you know? But then he did. He jumped right back out the way he went in, and he had all the mice with him. They were a little singed, but they looked okay.”

Mike "Mousy" MauserWe had a chance to interview fire survivor Mike “Mousy” Mauser (pictured right) while he was being examined by medical responders. He recalled details of the event: “We thought he was coming to eat us. I mean, the Feline Party wasn’t always known for its tolerance. But Heathcliffy never even licked his chops. All the cheese in the world couldn’t repay him for what he did.”

Dawg’s campaign has been built largely on bringing tolerance into the Feline Party, and it seems he can actually back his statements up with real-world actions—something other candidates have been hard pressed to do so far in this race.

Dawg held a press conference Wednesday afternoon outside his campaign headquarters. When asked why he saved them, he responded, “I saved those mice because it was the right thing to do, and I do the right thing. You can count on that.”

If you want to help Dawg win the election for Canine Mayor, vote now, because the voting period ends June 30th, 2016 at 5pm CST. And each vote helps the local humane society and all the animals of Portage County. It’s been a close race, and Heathcliffy still needs your support to win.

Vote now for Top Dog Canine Mayor: http://www.hspcwi.org/top-dog.html

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